Push Notifications Unity tutorial

Send segmented notifications and get them in your Unity Project in less than 40min in three steps:

  1. Create a segment
  2. Configure Gamedonia Push
  3. Send notifications

Create a segment

Imagine you are launching a holiday campaign and want to congratulate users from a certain country for their national day, or maybe simply want to promote a new virtual item based on their national celebration.

1. Visit your Gamedonia Dashboard.

2. Go to the section Push Notifications > Segments.

3. Click the Add / Edit button.

4. Add a filter for Germany, for example:

  • In the Select Type combo box choose Country.

  • In the Select Condition combo box choose is.

  • In the Select Value combo box choose Germany.

5. Add your segment name German Users.

6. Click the Save button.

User segmentation completed!

You've just created the first user segmentation to send better targeted messages. Good!


Configure Gamedonia for push

You need to upload the push certificates to Gamedonia Dashboard to be able to send push notifications. Skip this part if you completed it in previous tutorials.

For Android, please check the guide on how to setup the Android Push Notifications

For iOS, please check the guide on how to setup the iOS Push Notifications

Push notifications setup completed!

Cool! Now you can receive notifications from the server side!


Send a push notification

1. Go to the section Push Notifications > Composer.

2. Add your message in the text box, for instance: Congratulations on your national day!.

3. Check how it will look like on the previews of different devices by clicking on the arrows on each side.

4. On the Platforms checkbox choose the platform you want to send the push to. If you cannot see one of your platforms, please review your certificate settings in the guide

5. On the Recipients section choose Segments and select German Users.

6. Click the Send Notifications button at the bottom.

Message sent!

Yay! You've sent a targeted push notification using the composer. Now you know how to release push campaigns to engage the users you want.


What's next?

In the next tutorial, you'll add In-App Purchases capability to the Unity project. You'll be able to set up fraud protected purchases in your games when you complete the tutorial.

If you want to learn how to add In-App Purchases, check out the tutorial here.

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