Switch Backend / Realtime

What happens if I sign up for Backend, and later on I want to use Realtime? How can I access the Realtime dashboard?

The answer is you can access both services whenever suits you. We built Gamedonia so you can explore it without any cost, and enabling all functionalities from the start so you can try everything you need in our platform.

How to switch Backend / Realtime dashboards

Your Gamedonia account lets you access two dashboards. One for Backend, and one for Realtime.

You’re able to switch between the Backend Dashboard and the Realtime Dashboard to develop at your convenience from the top left menu.


Let’s say the first service you try is Backend and that later on you want to explore Realtime.


When you change dashboards for the first time from the menu you’ll be presented with an acceptance page that reminds you that each service has different pricing types. But don’t worry! Accepting will place you in a plan that starts FREE, either Backend or Realtime.

It works exactly the same the other way around, if you first land on Realtime and afterwards activate Backend.


Now you know how to switch dashboards!