With the Sites tool you can create a site by simply adding a name and a domain of your choice. This will grant you access to a subdomain in Gamedonia where you'll be able to upload and download files via FTP.

Upload and download static content, such as .swf, .tpl, .css, .html, .js and images using Gamedonia cloud. Manage your own site and files to create new content for your project, new levels or features.

You can change the site status any time you want.

Sites you create with Gamedonia can be used to publish web browser games as Facebook web apps. All the site content is publicly available at "". This makes accessing content very easy. Just store the Url in any object in your collections of data.

Why use this

This solution is extremely useful for:

  • Create mini sites
  • Host flash games
  • Access public files
Learn more about
Facebook integration.