A collection is like a table in an SQL database. There are some differences though. In a collection you store objects with a similar concept, but they don’t need to have the same number of “columns”. In fact, in a collection, objects have attributes instead of columns.

Master collections

A Master collection is a special kind of collection. It’s the only type of collection which data is migrated from Development to the Live environment. If there is any data in Live it will be deleted and the collection will be updated with the information coming from Development.

A normal collection (not Master) does not publish data, only permission settings and collection names.


Every collection has its own set of permissions. You can set Read and Write permissions for the Own(er) of the objects and Other users, which aren’t owners.

The owner of the object is the user who created the entity (object) for the first time.

In a collection, every object can have a different owner.

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